The Speak Up & Speak Out Challenge

The Speak Up & Speak Out Challenge


Below are the winners of this challenge. A huge round of applause to Connor, Jacob, Haley, Olivia, and Sophia for participating! You all did an amazing job.

The GracieStrong Foundation is focused on empowering our youth to SPEAK UP and BE HEARD.

Your VOICE is POWERFUL and should be HEARD.

The GracieStrong Foundation wants to give Saugus High School students the opportunity to Speak Up and Be Heard. The Speak Up & Speak Out! Video Challenge is a chance for teens to share the power of their voice and their wisdom about the high school experience by providing creative and courageous ideas that might help guide their peers through tough and unpredictable times.

And the best part… by participating in the challenge, you will automatically be entered to win a BRAND NEW unlocked iPhone SE.


The Speak Up and Speak Out video challenge submissions will be judged on the following criteria on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

Note: you will be judged primarily on thoughtful content and impactful messaging, you will not be judged on the quality of your video ;).


  1. Impact of message – thoughtful content is important

  2. Creativity – storytelling, illustration, visual aides

  3. Time limit – please provide no less than 2 minutes and no more than 3 minutes of film

  4. Rules – please follow the detailed rules below


Challengers must be students actively enrolled in the upcoming 2020/21 Saugus High School academic school year.

  • Challengers must use appropriate language, gestures, etc. (please do your best to avoid any use of discriminatory or demeaning language or actions in your video)

  • All entries must be individual (no team entries allowed), however teamwork is acceptable and encouraged in the creation of an independent entry.

  • Entries must follow submission guidelines below.


One winner will be selected from each grade level (9-12). If a grade doesn’t have a Challenger, an additional student will be selected from the other grades based upon the Challenge Criteria.

Selections will be finalized by October 1, 2020.

iPhone Delivery:

The four (4) selected challengers will be contacted directly via email on or after October 10, 2020 to arrange for iPhone delivery. All iPhones will be delivered directly to winners by Friday October 11, 2020.

Have more questions? Want more details? Please feel free to contact

Thank you for rising up to the challenge and being an important part of the GracieStrong Foundation!