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The mission of the GracieStrong Foundation is to empower, inspire, and support individuals to speak up, realizing their voice is powerful and matters, and enable them to fight for their values, have their voice heard, and impact change for their future.

What Is the GracieStrong Foundation?

SPEAK(TF)UP!& Prevent Tragedies

Gracie Anne Muehlberger was stolen from us during a senseless shooting at Saugus High School on November 14, 2019. While she was with us, we were gifted with a vivacious, funny, and confident girl who was never afraid to speak up for others. Following the tragedy, it became obvious that, had people around the shooter not been afraid to speak up, the senseless violence he committed could have been prevented.

We kept asking the same questions:

“Why didn’t the murderer speak up? Why didn’t his family ask for help? Why didn’t someone at the school that morning notice how strange the murderer was acting and SPEAK THE F#$K UP!?” Why didn’t he SPEAK THE F#$K UP!? Why didn’t anyone SPEAK THE F#$K UP!?”

From these questions, the SPEAK(TF)UP! movement was born. It’s fueled by the memory of Gracie and the desire to help prevent other families from suffering because of similar preventable tragedies.

The GracieStrong Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organication that is developing innovative ways to build strong, confident, and mindful youth—giving them the tools they need to find their unique identity and realize the power of their voice. We believe that a strong and confident individual knows where they are going in life and what they truly stand for. When a person knows how to use their voice, they’ll learn how to make a difference for themselves and their community.


About the GracieStrong Foundation

The GracieStrong Foundation was created to encourage people to speak up and prevent tragedies such as the one that happened at Saugus High School. Our mission is simple: to empower, inspire, and support individuals to use their voice to speak up and change the world around them for the better. We are doing this through key initiatives, like the SPEAK(TF)UP! project, and The WAY Journal.

What Makes You Want to SPEAK THE F#$K UP!?

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